Super Group partners with blue-chip companies that span multiple industries and continents, providing supply chain and mobility solutions that drive efficiency and bolster competitiveness in challenging markets and industries. In all the sectors and geographies in which we operate, Super Group leads the way in meeting the ever-escalating demand for higher levels of performance and innovation.

Super Group offers an exceptional investment opportunity through its focus on sustainable growth. The Group consistently delivers cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients by staying attuned to emerging trends and technological advancements. Super Group has demonstrated its proficiency in identifying and leveraging avenues for expansion through strategic investments, partnerships and acquisitions. This track record underscores a commitment to sustainable growth and an ability to deliver long-term value to investors.

The Group issues a comprehensive reporting suite each year to keep stakeholders informed in a transparent manner.

The Integrated Report provides a concise overview of financial, operational and sustainability performance.

The Annual Financial Statements provide detailed disclosure of the financial results, with audited financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS.

The Annual Results Announcement provides investors with an overview of Super Group’s performance and outlook.

The King IV Application Register provides information on the application of the principles of King IV. It demonstrates how the Group’s leadership, governance philosophy and structures support an ethical culture.