Supergroup partners with TE-FOOD to expand into Africa

South Africa has the most advanced food and beverage market on the African continent, serving its population of 60 million, as well as exporting food products both within the African continent as well as to other continents.

Supergroup, a global logistics & mobility group – headquartered in South Africa – is one of the leading logistics services providers on the African continent. The group provides logistics services for retail goods, bulk dry powder and liquids, raw minerals, primary and secondary distribution, warehousing, express domestic and international courier services, freight forwarding and trade financing under various brands for numerous local as well as multi-national companies.

Supergroup, through its Fleet Solutions division FleetAfrica, offers market leading fleet management solutions for commercial and specialised fleets in Southern and East Africa. FleetAfrica is the #1 provider of fleet leasing, fleet maintenance and vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions on the African continent, with a vast customer base that is spread across the public and private sector (blue chip companies, SOEs, municipalities, national and provincial government departments).

Partnering with Supergroup offers TE-FOOD access to a substantial supply chain and fleet solutions network across the African continent with a highly respected logistics and fleet services provider. This partnership is not limited to the food industry but will also cover solutions in providing traceability services for non-food supply chains from the raw materials stage to consumer.

This strategic partnership will revolutionise the fleet management industry by using blockchain technology as well as a combination of technologies (advanced encryption and telematics) to allow the recording and sending of verifiable information between parties via a trusted database.

Africa has massive exports of minerals, chemicals, precious metals, machinery, and food products to numerous foreign countries. As a growing number of countries and customers require deeper overview of provenance, or the methods of primary production, TE-FOOD’s blockchain based traceability provides added value across multiple industries.

Supergroup will also represent OneAfrica, TE-FOOD’s decentralized identity based on a Covid-19 Testing Management Solution which enables organisations to control the spread of the virus within their operations. Currently, South Africa has the 8th highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world and we believe that OneAfrica will be an important tool to help control the possible impact of the virus and improve overall efficiency.

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