Super Group’s strategy delivers exceptional results

Super Group reported an outstanding set of results for the year ended 30 June 2023. The Group’s revenue increased by 30.6% to R61.88 billion and EBITDA increased by 20.8% to R8.49 billion. Operating profit increased by 20.7% to R3.95 billion and profit before taxation increased by 18.7% to R2.97 billion.

The Group’s financial performance for the year significantly exceeds that of the pre-Covid levels. In comparison with 2019, revenue has increased by 63% and EBITDA by 126%. Profit before tax and earnings per share increased by 32% and 31% respectively, with net asset value per share having increased by 52%. 

“Super Group continues to demonstrate the adaptability and resilience required to counter market challenges and leverage opportunities for growth,” says Group CEO, Peter Mountford. Against a backdrop of global socio-economic volatility, the Group proactively adapted its business models, client solutions and operational processes to stay relevant and competitive. This agility allowed Super Group to successfully reposition itself in response to shifting consumer demands and market dynamics.”

The Group’s competitiveness was evidenced in significant new client wins, contract renewals and market share gains,” Mountford expands. “The investment in technology and fit-for-purpose assets has unlocked efficiencies and created capacity for growth, with integration across operating companies reducing costs and creating shared value-creation opportunities.”

Super Group’s deliberate diversification strategy has bolstered performance in a turbulent trading environment. The Group’s operations encompass multiple industries, markets and channels and it remains well positioned to manage fluctuating demand and supply chain disruptions. With operations spanning Southern Africa, Australasia, Europe and the United Kingdom, Group revenue and operating profit contributions from its non-South African businesses were 54% and 56%, respectively.

“The Group has continued to investigate value accretive acquisitions as part of its growth strategy,” explains Mountford, “with the recent acquisition of Amco an example of how acquisitions strengthen our client offering and enhance our competitive advantage.” Amco operates across the UK and Europe, and is a leading provider of specialist land, air and sea logistics. The business delivers warehousing and logistics solutions to customers in a diverse range of manufacturing sectors – including automotive, energy, pharmaceutical and FMCG. “Super Group has an excellent track record of maximising the potential inherent in challenging markets,” states Mountford. “On the back of another excellent financial and operational performance, the Group has declared a dividend of 80 cents per share for the year ended 30 June 2023,” he concludes.