Super Group’s partnership with Rays Of Hope reaches a new high

Super Group’s partnership with Rays of Hope, a community-based non-profit organisation(NPO) that operates in Alexandra Township, reached a new level with the official handover of two Toyota Quantum vehicles at the company’s head office yesterday.

Sihle Mooi, Rays of Hope’s Executive Director, said that the availability of such vehicles is of significant value to the NPO. “We take pride in our relationship with Super Group and this vehicle sponsorship is immensely valuable. We need to move people around every day, such as transporting 70 children to and from our Homework Club; volunteers doing Home-Based Care; learners to and from Sparrow school in Melville each day; people and supplies from our home office at Rosebank Union Church to various points in Alex.In the past we did not have sufficient transport available and often had to hire vehicles, which was very costly.”

Peter Mountford, Super Group CEO, explained his company’s rationale behind the sponsorship. “We are proud of this relationship with Rays of Hope.The work they do in Alex is excellent and matches our corporate social investment philosophy.We supported Rays of Hope’s Cycle Tour of Hope for two years and are now sponsoring these vehicles, which we know will make a huge contribution to the organisation in terms of the cost as well as ability to transport the children to the schools and other related activities.”

Rays of Hope has been operating in Alex since 1991 through seven projects which focus on orphaned and vulnerable children, education and work readiness.Over 2000 people are impacted on a monthly basis.Sihle explained that the mission of Rays of Hope is to partner with Alex for lasting change. “We do not believe in quick fixes, but in walking the distance with people.We believe that in successfully bridging the gap between Sandton and Alex, we are creating a model for the rest of South Africa to follow.”

He also underlined the reasons why corporates like Super Group obtain value by partnering with Rays of Hope. “After working there for more than 25 years, we have an unrivalled reputation in Alex, because we consciously foster long-term relationships with the Alex communities. We have excellent corporate governance, contributions from companies are tax deductible, and we are a Level 1 BEE organisation.”

Eight young children from an Alex crèche came to the handover and performed an energetic dance routine for the guests before piling into their new Toyota Quantum, smiling broadly and exchanging high-fives with everyone.

The late May sun shone brightly on the proceedings – the staff drove back to Alex in their new vehicles with the children waving happily through the windows; a new chapter in the partnership between Super Group and Rays of Hope has begun.