Our Investment Story

Investment Proposition

Our investment proposition for Super Group entails:

Super Group represents a high growth investment opportunity in leading logistics and mobility solutions across South Africa, UK, Europe and Australasia.
The business is led by an experienced and highly skilled management team.
The Group has a strong organic and acquisitive growth track record and consistently delivers higher earnings growth than our comparable peers.
With a focus on sustainable growth, Super Group has the financial strength, acumen and proven ability to explore and leverage growth opportunities.
We continue to expand both locally and internationally, growing our geographic footprint and offshore earnings and providing astute investors with low-risk exposure to Australasia, UK and Europe.
Our technological prowess is a key differentiator for both the Group and our clients, enabling us to better anticipate and exploit an ever-changing digital landscape and to collectively benefit in the form of cost reduction, efficiency and competitive advantage.
We are committed to achieving shared value creation and our growth strategy and measures of success encompass economic, environmental and social dimensions.