Internet of Things set to transform global logistics space

Beyond smart trucks, the next evolution of Internet of Things(IoT) logistics will see the entire supply chain linked with connected things.

From driverless vehicles to the Internet of Things(IoT), the interconnection of everyday objects via the Internet, the global telematics market is exploding in connectivity and growth.Trucking is no stranger to this sort of change; indeed, many fleets are leading the way in terms of how to increase benefits from such technology and solutions.Big data offers unprecedented access to real-time information, with the potential to reduce vehicle downtime, improve safety and increase efficiencies.

Morne Janse van Rensburg, CEO of Super Group subsidiary VSc Solutions, says that the next evolution of IoT logistics will not only see trucks, but the entire supply chain linked with connected things.Pallets in warehouses will talk to trailers, containers will talk to trucks and fleets will talk to fleets.

“Today, trucks have already become a mobile node in the Internet of Things, with trucking companies and drivers benefitting from IoT logistics data that’s now available to them from mobile devices in the cab. Drivers can use linked devices to help them do their jobs faster and safer.Think mobile apps for task management, training on the go, and trend reporting to business intelligence dashboards,” he explains.

The cost of hardware and connectivity has dropped significantly in recent years, while cloud processing has become affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes. All this is driving IoT and opens up the possibility of connecting just about anything in the logistics space.

“The Internet of Things is poised to transform the delivery and logistics industry and relieve stress for retailers, delivery companies, and consumers. We are looking at a future for fleet management which will be technology-led and most likely heavily influenced by so-called ‘disruptive innovations’ such as self-driving cars and artificial intelligence,” says Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack.

“The fleet management industry faces a massively exciting future – but one that requires immense innovation by current players if they are to compete with these ‘disruptive innovations’,” he concludes.

Janse van Rensburg will be presenting on The Future of Telematics Applied Today at this year’s TruckX and FleetX Conference and Exhibition which takes place on 12-13 July 2017 at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Midrand.

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