Corporate Social Investment

Corporate social investment is not just an act of philanthropy; it is a strategic commitment to building a better tomorrow, fostering sustainable growth and enriching the very fabric of the communities we serve. Super Group remains committed to improving the quality of life of its communities and invested R26.4 million in CSI initiatives (2022: R21.1 million). These encompass initiatives to tackle hunger and improve education, healthcare, youth development and job creation, and ensure that the Group plays a crucial role in fostering sustainable and inclusive community development. With employees actively involved and relationships that span decades, the Group’s CSI efforts go beyond mere financial contributions; they embody a genuine desire to make a meaningful and lasting impact on communities.

Read more in our latest ESG report available here.

Initiative Article
Rise Against Hunger
Super Group Volunteers Rise Against Hunger for Mandela Day
Nedbank Tour de Tuli
Helping the Next Generation Care for Our Natural Heritage
KAP sani2c
More Than a Ride
Justdiggit partners with inTime
SOS Children’s Village
VSC Solutions supports the SOS Children’s Village
1000 Hills Community Helpers
Digistics ensures no-one goes hungry
Boland School for Autism
What can a round of golf do?
Santa Shoebox Project
Joy in a box
Northland Emergency Services Trust
SG Fleet New Zealand sponsors the Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST)
MB100 2021
CSI SG Fleet sponsors the MB100 2021
Rays of Hope
Super Group helps drive change in Alexandra
Rise Against Hunger
We deliver over 8.4 million meals to hungry families
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much
Western Cape BMX
Western Cape teams unite in donating a new BMX bike track and a multipurpose sports facility to Masimbambane School