Individual development, equality and performance-based advancement are the cornerstones of Super Group’s approach to bring and maintain a balanced and highly skilled workforce.

The Group has embarked upon a broad-based initiative with the intention of impacting on the lives of all of its employees, their families and the communities in which they live.

The Group believes that this approach will ensure that its employees become responsible individuals, citizens and parents. Super Group’s success, in part, is as a result of its dedicated and committed employees.

Our Employees
Community Social Investment, Charity

Community Social Investment (CSI)

The Group actively encourages the divisions and their employees to get involved in CSI activities. The Group continued to support Rise Against Hunger: Africa as a core project in South Africa. In addition, the Group in co-operation with the Dealerships SA Division, commenced a project with Rays of Hope.

The different operating units continued with other activities in the communities in which they operate. This enables the employees to get involved in activities that are relevant to them and the communities in which they operate. The Group’s divisions were involved in a wide range of projects supporting education and nutrition and contributed to and supported various charities.

Carbon Emissions

The Group continues to focus on environmentally friendly business practices. Many of these initiatives make good business sense in that they form part of the Group’s continuing drive to improve efficiencies. The new development at Super Park has included energy efficient lighting, solar electricity generation and heating and the re-use of waste water for the Truck Wash. The Group continues to replace office lights with LED lights for further electricity saving. During the current year total emissions increased as a result of the inclusion of acquisitions. The Group continues to ensure that its vehicles are properly maintained and not overloaded. Along with continuous driver training, this ensures that carbon emissions from all vehicles meet manufacturers’ specifications. Unfortunately the Group has no control over the Fuel Emission Standards. Currently South African Fuel complies with "Euro-2 Standards". Europe is on "Euro-5 Standards". It is not known when South Africa will move to the "Euro-5 Standard"

Energy saving Warehouse and trucks
Reduced electricity and water usage

Electricity & Water Usage

In South Africa, the Group has put significant focus on reduction in the use of electricity. At Super Park only low energy lighting is used as well as in most of the Group’s dealerships and other offices. In many locations first generation low energy lighting has been replaced by second generation lighting namely LED lights. This initiative has already resulted in a significant reduction in electricity consumption. Throughout the Group similar initiatives have resulted in significant reduction in electricity usage. With the above inflation increases in electricity, these initiatives result in direct cost savings to the Group. In a number of property developments completed or in progress, environmentally friendly features have been or will be implemented to reduce the use of electricity and water at these sites. These include the use of solar technology, natural light, grey water systems and energy-efficient lighting, cooling and heating equipment.


Throughout the Group the recycling of paper, plastic and glass is encouraged and the necessary recycling bins are found in various locations.

The Dealerships Division places significant emphasis on the recycling of used oil and parts, as well as ensuring that the environment is not impacted by the run-off of polluted water.

The Group continues to roll out recycling initiatives to all of its locations and continues to encourage additional recycling initiatives.

Recycling bins for paper, plastic and glass