2017 Final Results

Super Group concluded five strategic acquisitions and a further two acquisitions post year – end

Johannesburg, 28 August 2017 – Super Group, a leading transport logistics and mobility group, reported a solid set of results for the year ended 30 June 2017 despite many challenging and competitive trading conditions being experienced by the majority of the Group’s operations, both locally and abroad.The SG Fleet Australia operations made a significant contribution to the Group’s results which includes nlc’s results for the full year and the contributions from Fleet Hire (UK)and Motiva(UK) for 11 months and seven months, respectively.SG Coal delivered excellent results compared to the June 2016 financial year.SG IN tIME’s results were also included for the full year compared to eight months in the prior reporting year.Dealerships SA’s results included the addition of the nine Western Cape dealerships from September 2016 and Dealerships UK included the Essex Auto Group acquisition for a four-month period.

Peter Mountford, Group CEO, said: “SG Fleet Australia, despite experiencing competitive pressure, delivered an excellent set of financial results.The acquisition of the nine Western Cape dealerships allowed the Group to outperform NAAMSA statistics with Dealerships UK reporting, in Great British Pound – terms, exceptional results.The Rand strengthening against all the major currencies had a negative impact on the results and at year end, a foreign currency translation adjustment of R418.5 million reduced total equity.”

Group revenue increased by 15.1 % to R29.9 billion primarily due to the inclusion of the acquisitions as well as the commendable turnaround in SG Coal’s results.

EBITA was up by 10.1 % to R2 292.4 million(June 2016: R2 082.5 million).The amortisation of PPA intangibles increased by 35.1 % to R176.4 million(June 2016: R130.5 million).Super Group’s international footprint continued to increase substantially with the non – South African businesses contributing 40 % and 61 % to revenue and EBITA, respectively.

Core headline earnings per share, excluding the amortisation of PPA intangibles arising from business combinations, acquisition costs and the B – BBEE costs, after tax and non – controlling interests, increased by 7.8 % to 332.0 cents from 308.1 cents in the prior year.

Colin Brown, Group CFO, commented: “The Group’s gearing, as at 30 June 2017, was 31.5 % compared to 30 June 2016 of 21.4 %, well within our preferred ceiling of 40 %.The net asset value per share increased by 9.0 % for the year to 2 394.1 cents at 30 June 2017.”

Mountford concluded: “Super Group is expecting significant headwinds for the remainder of 2017 with muted growth prospects for its Southern African operations.The outlook for Australia and Europe is more positive. The outlook in the UK is muted as a result of the uncertainty of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.Super Group’s position as an innovative, integrated mobility solutions company remains compelling and the Group is committed to the growth of its core businesses, both organically and through strategic and focused acquisition opportunities, both in Southern Africa and internationally.”