Community Social Investment (CSI)

The Group actively encourages the divisions and their employees to get involved in CSI activities. The Group continued to support Stop Hunger Now as a core project in South Africa. In addition the Group, in cooperation with the Dealerships SA Division, commenced a project with Rays of Hope. The different operating units continued with other activities in the communities in which they operate. This enables the employees to get involved in activities that are relevant to them and the communities in which they operate.

The Group’s divisions were involved in a wide range of projects supporting education and nutrition and contributed to and supported various charities. The South African operations spent 1.3% (2016: 1.3%) of profit after taxation of the South African operations on Social Economic Development (SD) in the financial year ended 30 June 2017.

The charities and initiatives the South African operations were involved in and contributed to include:


The two main CSI initiatives at Group level are continued support for Stop Hunger Now and a new partnership with Rays of Hope.

Ongoing logistics support the backbone of Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa

The 2017 Financial Year saw Super Group increase its support to Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa by providing additional vehicles to its new branch in KwaZulu-Natal. The total support amounted to R1 850 000 for that financial year.

Saira Khan, CEO of Stop Hunger Now commented:

“The ongoing logistics support from Super Group continues to yield results and we are proud of our association with them. In the last financial year, over 55 000 children were provided with nutritional support and it is because of partnerships like this that we are able to continue doing what we do. No child is able to focus on education if that child is hungry and we cannot reach vulnerable children without transport. For this reason, partnerships like we have with Super Group go a long way to assisting us to reach the most vulnerable in our community to provide what we consider a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. The right to FOOD. Our deepest appreciation and respect to the management team of Super Group who understand the value proposition we create for one another.”

In September 2017, Stop Hunger Now changed its name to Rise Against Hunger: Africa.

The support we received from Super Group for the 2017 financial year is set out below:

Western Cape:

  • Transported 584 280 meals to various ECD centres including NGO Partners.
  • Travelled 7 209km in distributing these meals during this period.
  • Transported ingredients to over 45 meal packaging events around the Western Cape area where 788 733 meals were packaged.


  • Transported 3 054 669 meals to various ECD centers including NGO Partners.
  • Travelled 54 396km in distributing these meals during this period.
  • Transported raw ingredients to over 57 meal packaging events in Gauteng area and surrounds, where 3 640 460 meals were packaged.


  • Transported 270 096 meals to various ECD centers including NGO Partners.
  • Travelled 35 758km in distributing these meals during this period.
  • Transported raw ingredients to over 21 meal packaging events in KwaZulu-Natal area where 580 529 meals were packaged.

Mandela Day:

In addition to a full year’s support in distribution, Super Group on Mandela Day provides Stop Hunger Now with additional delivery trucks and drivers to ensure that this day is a hugely successful Meal Packaging Events. During this period, a further three long-haul trucks and drivers, enabled Stop Hunger Now to package over 580 000 meals at the Sandton Convention Centre alone. The event was a huge success and without the support of Super Group would have been a mammoth undertaking for Stop Hunger Now on its own.

Super Group’s partnership with Rays of Hope

Super Group’s partnership with Rays of Hope, a community-based non-profit organisation (NPO) that operates in Alexandra Township, reached a new level with the official handover of two Toyota Quantum vehicles at the company’s head office. The value of this support is R200 000 per annum.

Sihle Mooi, Rays of Hope’s Executive Director, said that the availability of such vehicles is of significant value to the NPO. “We take pride in our relationship with Super Group and this vehicle sponsorship is immensely valuable. We need to move people around every day, such as transporting 70 children to and from our Homework Club; volunteers doing Home-Based Care; learners to and from Sparrow School in Melville each day; people and supplies from our home office at Rosebank Union Church to various points in Alex. In the past we did not have sufficient transport available and often had to hire vehicles, which was very costly.”

Peter Mountford, Super Group CEO, explained his company’s rationale behind the sponsorship. “We are proud of this relationship with Rays of Hope. The work they do in Alex is excellent and matches our corporate social investment philosophy. We supported Rays of Hope’s Cycle Tour of Hope for two years and are now sponsoring these vehicles, which we know will make a huge contribution to the organisation in terms of the cost as well as ability to transport the children to the schools and other related activities.”

Rays of Hope has been operating in Alex since 1991 through seven projects which focus on orphaned and vulnerable children, education and work readiness. Over 2 000 people are impacted on a monthly basis. Sihle explained that the mission of Rays of Hope is to partner with Alex for lasting change. “We do not believe in quick fixes, but in walking the distance with people. We believe that in successfully bridging the gap between Sandton and Alex, we are creating a model for the rest of South Africa to follow.”

He also underlined the reasons why corporates like Super Group obtain value by partnering with Rays of Hope. “After working there for more than 25 years, we have an unrivalled reputation in Alex, because we consciously foster long-term relationships with the Alex communities. We have excellent corporate governance, contributions from companies are tax deductible, and we are a Level 1 BEE organisation.”

Eight young children from an Alex crèche came to the handover and performed an energetic dance routine for the guests before piling into their new Toyota Quantums, smiling broadly and exchanging high-fives with everyone.

The late May sun shone brightly on the proceedings – the staff drove back to Alex in their new vehicles with the children waving happily through the windows; a new chapter in the partnership between Super Group and Rays of Hope has begun.

Supply Chain Africa

Some of the activities that the various divisions of Supply Chain participated in included:

  • Sponsorship of the Sani2C Cycle Tour. The tour supports a number of worthy beneficiaries including schools, education bursaries, conservation and environmental groups.
  • Sponsorship of the Tour de Tuli. The tour supports the Children of Wilderness.
  • Fundraising and donations to a number of organisations including Choc, CANSA, Movember, the Edenvale SPCA, NSRI, Little Eden, Operation SmileLife Orphanage, the Pink Drive, a Baby Home and other charities in Port Elizabeth, Santa Shoe Box, Baby Moses, Raising Aiden, Heavens Nest, Casual Day, Hippo Rollers, Gift of the Givers and many other organisations.
  • Sponsored food for families through Laerskool van Riebeeck.
  • Supplied juice boxes to Sizazonke Hampers.
  • Conducted a blanket drive which resulted in the distribution of blankets to homes across Alexandra.
  • Vsc supports a house in a SOS Children’s Village.
  • SG Mobility assisted with E-pap Distribution.
  • Bursaries for staff.
  • Donation of computer equipment to Ashton Manor Primary School.
  • Donation of access readers to South African Board of Jewish Education.
  • Donations to Ronald McDonald House Charity projects.
  • Donations to KFC Add Hope and other charity projects.
  • Donations to King Pie Charity projects, the 1 000 Hills Community Home project t in KZN and the Compass Children’s Home in Edenvale.
  • Donation to community charities benefiting from the opening of the 250th McDonalds Store in South Africa.
  • Phola Coaches provided free buses for events related to local community activities including football teams, schools, and other institutions.
  • SG Coal made a significant donation to CMR Mpumalanga, which is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organisation in Mpumalanga in the fields of child protection, child care and family development.
  • SG Coal contributed towards maintaining the salary of a teacher at Breyten Laerskool. The school does not receive a subsidy from the government for the extra teacher for the increased number of students.
  • SG Coal made a contribution to the Wesleyan Methodist Church for people in need and the Middleburg Old Aged Home for winter parcels for the elderly people.
  • The provision of bursaries to staff and their families.
  • SG Coal made a donation to the Middleburg Hospice and Mhluzi blanket drives.

Fleet Africa

Some of the activities the staff of Fleet Africa participated in include:

  • Donation of vehicle maintenance and food parcels to Dorcas Aid.
  • Provision of a transport for Splash Projects.
  • Donation to City of Tshwane CSI initiatives.
  • Donation to City of Polokwane CSI initiatives.
  • Donations to project for people with disabilities.
  • Donations to Mandela Day activities.
  • Donations to Spell IT Tutoring and the African Spelling Bee.
  • Donation of blankets for the homeless in Alexandra.
  • The provision of bursaries to staff and their families.

SG Fleet

SG Fleet’s activities included:

  • Sponsorship of children via the World Vision Programme. Besides financial assistance the children receive regular communication from staff including letters, cards and Christmas and birthday gifts.
  • Sponsorship of numerous Australian charities including the St George Foundation, Mission Australia and other charity events in Australia.
  • Sponsorship of a number of charities in New Zealand.
  • Support of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.
  • Sponsorship of a number of charities in the UK.



  • Support for Vastrap and St Michaels Primary School.
  • A donation to the Knysna fire initiative.
  • Support for the Haven Care Centre and the Benoni Orphanage.
  • Support for uBambisiwano.
  • Donation of blankets for the homeless in Alexandra.


  • Support for the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Jan Jacobs Lymphoma Charity and Havens House Hospice.
  • A donation to a special needs school.
  • Sponsorship of various foundations and trusts.
  • Sponsorship of local sports clubs.