Vision, strategic focus and investment proposition

Our vision

The strategic vision for Super Group is to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions, fleet management and dealership services to a diversified customer base in Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and New Zealand and to become a leading transport logistics and mobility group in the countries in which it operates.


Our strategic focus within the Super Group businesses is to:

Our investment proposition

Our investment proposition for Super Group entails:

Super Group is a leading transport logistics and mobility group in South Africa and a leading fleet management solutions company  in Australasia.

Certain businesses within the Group are also starting to establish themselves as leaders in their respective countries of operation.

The Group is expanding internationally and increasing its geographic footprint as well as offshore earnings. At 30 June 2017, Super Group's revenue and EBITA from non-South African businesses comprised 40% and 61% of Group total, respectively.

The Group has a strong financial position with an acceptable level of gearing - well below 40%.

An experienced and skilled management team.

The financial strength, acumen and track record to explore growth opportunities.