Stakeholder engagement

As promoted by King IV, inclusive stakeholder engagement is encouraged whereby the Board considers the legitimate interests and expectations of stakeholders on the basis that is in the best interests of the company, and not merely as an instrument to serve the interests of the shareholders.

The Companies Act also requires a company to embrace engagement with its shareholders, employees, unions, communities and consumers. Super Group has an established Group Social and Ethics Committee that monitors and assists with stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholders are also considered when assessing the materiality of issues.

Super Group believes that open and transparent communication with stakeholders is important and uses many avenues to facilitate the engagement with its stakeholders on a regular and constructive manner. There are various internal functions within the Group to ensure that the needs and requirements of all stakeholders are addressed. Super Group has a dedicated Human Resources department, a Group Social and Ethics Committee and investor relations function to ensure that stakeholder engagement is executed.

Stakeholder engagement

For further details on the specific engagement with each of the stakeholder categories, as well as determining materiality when assessing the risks associated with Super Group’s business, see the Corporate Governance Report.