Opportunities for the Group

Acquisitions of complementary businesses, both in South Africa as well as internationally

  • The Group focuses on well-run operations within its core sectors and those sectors that have been identified as complementary to its existing businesses.
  • An acquisition must be at an acceptable and sustainable earnings multiple with a satisfactory RNOA.
  • Super Group is starting to appear on the international investor radar screen with the recent acquisitions made in the United Kingdom and Europe as well as significant business operations in Australasia.

Opportunities for Fleet Solutions

  • In Australia, SG Fleet leverages its range of offerings to offer fleet management solutions at competitive prices and excellent service.
  • Under the leadership of Fleet Africa's new CEO, Bonisile Makubalo, this business continues to expand both its corporate and government customer base by securing new FML contracts.
  • Fleet Africa has concluded a business opportunity in East Africa and there are further potential opportunities in this region.

Expanding Dealerships' vehicle brand representation

  • Super Group is constantly assessing dealerships in order to expand both its brand representation and geographic footprint.
  • Dealerships UK managed to secure key Ford dealerships in Essex, Kent and Berkshire as well as adding Mazda and Suzuki to its brand representation.