Abbreviations and definitions

The following abbreviations and definitions listed below have been used throughout this Integrated Report.

“Ader” Servicios Empresariale Ader S.A
“AGM”  Annual General Meeting 
“AUD”  Australian Dollar 
“Basic EPS”  Earnings for the year attributable to equity holders of Super Group divided by the weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue during the year 
“B-BBEE”  Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment 
“BEE”  Black Economic Empowerment 
“CAGR”  Compound Annual Growth Rate 
“CEO”  Chief Executive Officer 
“CFO”  Chief Financial Officer 
“CIO”  Chief Information Officer 
“CIPC”  Companies and Intellectual Property Commission 
“CJD”  Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge 
“Closing earnings yield”  Headline earnings per share as a percentage of market value per share at 30 June 
“Closing PE ratio”  Market value per share at 30 June divided by headline earnings per share 
“Companies Act”  Companies Act No 71 of 2008 
“Core earnings”  Excludes the costs of the B-BBEE Scheme, amortisation of intangibles and acquisition costs 
“CSI”  Corporate Social Investment 
“DMTN”  Domestic Medium Term Notes 
“EAG” or “Essex Auto Group”  Essex Auto Group Limited 
“Earnings yield”  HEPS as a percentage of market value per share 
“EBIT”  Earnings before interest and taxation 
“EBITA”  Earning before interest, tax and amortisation of purchase price allocation intangibles (“PPA”)
“EBITDA”  Earning before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation 
“EPS”  Earnings per share 
“EU”  European Union 
“EUR/€”  Euro 
“Exco”  Executive Committee 
“Fleet Hire”  Fleet Hire Holdings Limited
“FMCG”  Fast Moving Consumer Goods 
“FML”  Full Maintenance Leasing 
“GBP”  Great British Pound 
“GDP”  Gross Domestic Product 
“Gearing” Interest-bearing borrowings less cash and cash equivalents as a ratio to total equity
“GRMC”  Group Risk Management Committee 
“HEPS”  Headline earnings divided by the weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue during the year 
“IAS”  International Accounting Standards 
“IFRS”  International Financial Reporting Standards 
“IT”  Information Technology 
“JIBAR”  Johannesburg Interbank Agreed Rate 
“JSE”  JSE Limited 
“King IV” The King Code of Corporate Governance Principles and the King Report on Governance for South Africa 2009 
“KPI”  Key Performance Indicators 
“Legend” ABF Legend Logistics Proprietary Limited
“Listings Requirements”  Listings Requirements of the JSE 
“Motiva” Motiva Group Limited
“NAAMSA”  National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa 
“NAV”  Net asset value 
“NCI”  Non-controlling interest 
“Net operating assets”  Total assets excluding cash and cash equivalents, deferred tax assets, equity accounted investees and interest-bearing receivables less total liabilities excluding bank overdrafts, interest-bearing borrowings, FML borrowings, deferred tax liabilities, interest-bearing payables and income tax payable
“OEM”  Original Equipment Manufacturer 
“Operating profit margin”  EBIT as a percentage of revenue 
“PE”  Price earnings, market value per share divided by HEPS 
“PPA” Purchase Price Allocation
“QSR”  Quick Service Restaurant 
“R”  Rand, the South African currency 
“Remco”  Remuneration Committee 
“Return on equity”  Profit attributable to equity holders of Super Group as a percentage of average capital and reserves attributable to equity holders of Super Group 
“Return on total assets”  EBIT as a percentage of average total assets 
“RNOA”  Return on net operating assets, calculation being EBIT after tax as a percentage of average net operating assets 
“SA”  South Africa 
“SARS”  Share Appreciation Rights Scheme 
“SENS”  Stock Exchange News Service 
“SG Fleet”  SG Fleet Group Limited 

“SMC” or
“Slough Motor Corporation”

Slough Motor Company Limited, held by Bestodeck Limited
“Strate”  Strate Limited 
“Super Group” or “the Group”  Super Group Limited and its subsidiaries 
“the Board”  the Board of directors of Super Group 
“the company”  Super Group Limited 
“UK”  United Kingdom 
“WACC”  Weighted Average Cost of Capital